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  • New for the 2014 season, Garden State Grill offers a variety of burgers, several sides, and the Jersey favorite -- pork roll and cheese.Even more appropriately, it's in the boardwalk section of the park! Despite Ted's Cheesesteak no longer being with us, Jersey State Grill is a marvelous replacement. The employees even deliver orders to the tables!

    Another plus for the new eatery is its inclusion in the Season Dining Pass program. All burgers can be purchased through the dining pass, albeit most have an additional cost, as per the updates to the Season Dining Pass program this year.

    Here are pictures of the building's sign (Still retains the same shape from Ted's) as well as the menu.

  • There have beena few changes in the Season Dining Pass program for its second season.

    New Prices

    The first change you'll notice is when purchasing the pass--prices have increased. Below are the new prices.

      1-3 passes 4+ passes
    Summer $79.99/ea $74.99/ea
    Summer + Fall $84.99/ea $79.99/ea
    Summer + Hurricane Harbor $99.99/ea $94.99/ea
    Summer + Fall + Hurricane Harbor $104.99/ea $99.99/ea

    These prices were taken from this page on May 1st, 2014.


    New Locations

    The next change is the addition of more participating locations within the park! Some of the new locations are Johnny Rockets and Garden State Grill. This brings the location count to 21, according to this pdf menu from Six Flags: PDF Dining Pass Menu
    Note: Only select menu items at each location are available through the dining pass. 

    Locations: (Theme park only)

    Best of the West Yum Yum Cafe Nathan's
    Granny’s Country Kitchen  Totally Kickin' Chicken - Boardwalk Six Flags Greens
    Load It Up Totally Kickin' Chicken - El Toro Garden State Grill
    Macho Nacho Primo's Pizzeria - Liberty Square Shore Eats and Treats
    Main Street Pub Primo's Pizzeria - Nitro Looney Tunes Camp Kitchen
    Johnny Rockets - Fountain Primo's Pizzeria - Wildside Northern Star Concessions
    Johnny Rockets - Nitro Superhero's Snacks Safari Snack Stand


    New Upcharges

    Lastly, there are now upcharges on certain menu items.For example, typically a cheeseburger at most locations will be covered by the dining pass. However, a bacon cheeseburger will be $2 extra. Pay close attention to the Season Dining Pass logo on menus -- the upcharge items have a barely noticeable dollar amount underneath the logo, which you must pay to recieve that item. Take a look at Garden State Grill's menu, focusing on the little Season Dining Pass logos. The Dining Pass menu PDF also places a ** next to items that require an upcharge.

  • As a homage to the restaurant's original incarnation, The Great Character Cafe was reverted to Yum Yum Cafe in time for the park's(as well as the restaurant's) 40th Anniversery.

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