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  • For the 2012 season, the sponsorship deal with Tornado snacks for Fantasy Fling had run out, so the ride needed a new name! With it being located in Lake Front, a primarily pirate-themed area, the name Swashbuckler was chosen. The ride remains Swashbuckler to this day.

  • On March 29, 2011, the park revealed to the world via Facebook that one of the park's original attractions, SkyWay, had its cars repainted. Later on, M&M stickers would be added to the cars for its new sponsorship by M&M Mars.

  • Medusa is now Bizarro and the track is painted blue. New trains with speakers for each row are added. The last row of each train only has 2 seats to accommodate the electrical parts for the speakers. A new sign with Bizarro at the entrance is added. At the bottom of the first drop, a Superman shield is added with multi color lights Cardboard cutouts of buildings are added near the helix after the mid-course break run. An Auger of Doom that has mist is added to the interlocking corkscrews.

  • For the 2004 season, Batman The Ride's track is painted yellow.

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